Should parents limit the amount of time their children spend playing video games? - Writing
Post your entire introduction from the rough draft paper you received in class today (Motivator, Linker, Thesis).  The audience is parents.
Patrick Cosgrove ;)
1/11/2011 03:53:40 am

Do you want your child staying up all night playing video games? I don't think so. Many American children go straight home to play Call Duty instead of doing their homework. Do you want this to be your kid? No, I didn't think so. Parents should limit the amount of time their kids spend playing video games because their child may become lazy, the child may soon think the world is the game, and the child may not focus in school.

Simone Dube <3
1/11/2011 03:59:36 am

Are you getting tired of watching your childs brain get taken over by video games. I definantly am! Many children go home from school everyday and play video games instead of doing homework. If parents limit the time their children play video games, they can stop this situation from happening to them. Parents should limit the time their children play video games because the child could become addicted to the game, the child may start going downhill in school, and the child may see the game in reality.

Daniel Lagasse
1/11/2011 04:09:42 am

Nine out of ten videogames involve violence in which children are trying to kill eachother in online matches. These videogames cause many unhealthy things to happen to your children. Parents should limit the time that there child is playing these videogames because they ruin the childs education, they are addicting, and they involve mindless violence.

Ashley Steele
1/11/2011 04:41:25 am

"I can't wait to go home and play my new video game!" Have you ever heard a kid say that? Well i have. Did you know that 3 out of every 5 kids play video games when they get home from school instead of a sport? Parents should limit childrens time spent playing video games because kids aren't getting enough excersize, they slack off in school, and they are learning bad things from violent video games.

A Pissed Off Gamer
1/6/2013 08:21:00 am

"slack off in school"

You misspelled exercise, dumbfuck.

1/15/2014 12:04:09 pm


Ameena Rahamat
1/11/2011 05:27:11 am

Don't you think that parents should limit the time their children spend playing videogames? I do! Children spend all thier time playing videogames and don't know the difference between the real world and games. Parents should limit the time their children spend playing videogames because the children can have bad eyesight, the children don't get enough exercise, and the children don't focus on school work.

Olivia McDonald
1/11/2011 08:17:22 am

"Hold on one more minute!" or "Just one more second!" These are the responces parents hear when their children are playing video games all day. Children might think the games are good for them but really they're not. Many become easily attatched to the games and when their parents limit the time, children think it's unfair. Parents should limit the time their children spend playing video games because the child will become addicted, the child will do poorly in school if they stay up all night, and the parents will get mad if their child isn't listening to them.

4/8/2012 03:15:08 am

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Brianna Favreau
1/11/2011 11:28:46 am

Don't you hate haveing to buy the latest Black Ops game after your child demands it and claims "it's the best game on earth!" In the last five years the video game sales increased by a dramatic 40%. Parents should limit the time their children spend playing video games because children don't get any fresh air and vitamin D while playing video games, children could have trouble separating reality from video games if they play too much, and parents will save money if their children cut down from playing video games.

alexis rink
1/9/2014 11:27:48 pm

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Sarah Threlfall:]<3
1/11/2011 11:35:14 am

Why are most kids tired when they wake up for school the next morning? At such a young age kids spend half the night tring to defeat their vidoe games. Throughtout an average day many boys and girls have spent their time on video games. Parents should limit their kids time spent on video games becasue they can lose brain cells from playing to much, kids dont exercise enough and become couch potatoes, and kids dont get enought sleep.

Joe Guerrera
1/11/2011 11:16:58 pm

Beep!Boop!Bop! That is the sound of a violent video game that your child is playing 24 hours straight. While playing video games, it will take away from going outside on a nice day. So parents should limit the time their children spend on playing video games.

Madison Lumley
1/12/2011 05:32:38 am

Alot of children are getting brainwashed by video games and are spending their whole day in their room playing them. Do you want this to be your child? I sure wouldn't. Lately many children have basically become zombies who stare at a screen thats colorful and push buttons. I wouldnt want your child like that. To solve this issue, parents should limit the time children spend playing video games because by limiting the time, children will be more active in life, they won't be by their selves in their room all day, and they will do better in school by not thinking of passin the next level of a game.

1/12/2011 07:30:18 am

Don't waste your life playing video games all day and night. The cool kids aren't doing that! Kids around the age of 14 are gaming all day and are their minds are being destroyed from mindless games. The only solution there is is parents should limit their child's time spent playing video games because the child may get seizures, become obese with lack of exercise, and is likely to cause problems in school.

1/12/2011 09:38:27 am

"Why cant you just wait!" All across America this is what kids are saying to there parents because they are so addicted to video games. Although children may think it is unfair for parents to make them stop playing video games, parents should take the video games if the feel it is necassary. Parents should limit the amount of time their children spend playing video games because chirldren could be playing inappropriate games, they could not get enough physical activity, and they could be doing poor in school.

1/13/2011 09:39:16 am

are you getting tired of your child not listening to you and having their eyes glued to a video game? I know I am! Parents should limit the amount of time their children spend playing video games because they will be able to spend more quality time with family, the children's brain will not become smushed by the pointless violence in most video games, and the child will be able to study more instead of think of new war stratagies.

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4/23/2012 11:26:43 pm

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A Video Gamer with Straight A's
1/26/2013 10:30:09 am

Video Games don't ruin acedemics... If your worried about your child having problems in school, just have them study. I'm a 14 year old boy and my parents only allow me to play on the weekends. I play violent video games all the time and have no problems in school.

12/23/2015 02:27:58 am

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4/12/2016 09:59:40 am

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